Board of Trustees

Current Board Members

The Baldwin City Library Board of Trustees usually meets at 7 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at the library.

Contact the library to view past board meeting minutes: 785-594-3411.

Activity Room Usage


The Baldwin City Library offers the Activity Room for the general public’s use.  The activity room seats approximately 75 people (without tables). The maximum capacity for the room is 150 people.

To ensure proper usage and equal access, the following guidelines have been provided.

1.1        Meetings may be scheduled up to three months in advance.  Exceptions require the approval of the Library Director.

1.2        No more than two consecutive meetings may be scheduled at one time.  Exceptions require the approval of the Library Director.

1.3        On-site adult supervision is required during any scheduled usage of the Activity Room.

1.4        Library activities have precedence over other events.

1.5        The organization and a representative from the scheduled group are responsible for any damage to the building, furniture or equipment.

1.6        A prepaid fee of $50.00 per 4 hour increment will be charged for any activity room user serving food or drink (water is permitted without paying the fee).

1.7        Non-profit and civic organizations may apply to have the $50.00 fee waived using the Activity Room Fee Waiver Form.

1.8        A small kitchen is available for use.  Serving coffee, tea or other light refreshments such as cookies or sandwiches is allowed (with the $50 fee); however, no cooking or catered meals events are allowed.  

1.9        No birthday candles or open flames of any kind. No chafing dishes, burners, warmers or hot plates allowed.

1.10       The kitchen is to be cleaned after use, all trash taken out with trash bags replaced. Drinks, refreshments, dishware and supplies are to be provided by the organization-supplies and dishware in the kitchen in the kitchen cabinets are for library event use only.

1.11        Any special needs are to be listed in advance and an attempt will be made to accommodate them.

1.12       The room is to be left in an orderly manner after use.  All trash must be properly disposed of and furniture returned to its original position.

1.13      The library has provided a checklist for closing procedures for the user’s convenience.  The responsible party must complete this list which is in the envelope before leaving and return it in the envelope with the key.

1.14     No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed on the premises.

1.15     Please be mindful of others who are also using the library.  Any loud noise will not be allowed.

1.16     Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of use of the room for future events.

For additional details and scheduling availability call the library, 785-594-3411.

Activity Room Closing Procedures

  • Return all furniture and equipment to original positions.
  • Unplug and return all appliances to original positions.
  • If the kitchen was used, clean up and leave as it was found.
  • Dispose of any garbage.
  • Check toilets and basins for running water. Please turn off if possible.  Otherwise, notify the Library Director of problem.
  • Turn off all indoor lights and fan.
  • Be sure both front doors are locked and closed securely. Both doors must be locked with the key. Place the key in the envelope and put it in the book drop when exiting the library.  Failure to return the key promptly will result in a $25.00 fine.


Our Vision . . .

The Baldwin City Library provides library resources, services and programs as a gateway to information that support and enhance lifelong learning, personal leisure and the community’s quality of life.

We Value . . .

Customer Service Excellence

Individual & Community Learning

Our Town’s Rich Heritage

A Spirit of Innovation

Community Enrichment & Diversity

Our Strategic Areas of Emphasis . . .

Achieving literacy is essential for individuals; reading and digital literacy are the building blocks to success.  The Library embraces its role as a community leader in facilitating the development of these crucial skills for patrons throughout their lives.
Literacy Community Outcomes  Literacy Key Needs

Youth read at grade level or above.
Adult learners achieve their educational / career goals.
All residents are confident users of technology and consumers of information.

Expanded in-house technology solutions that meet patron needs for learning and communication.
Connection to educational resources.
Professional development opportunities to enhance staff knowledge of reader’s advisory and collection development.
Partnerships to leverage expertise within the community.

Lifelong Learning

Patrons enjoy a lifelong interest in learning and discovery through their engagement with the Library.  
Lifelong Learning Community Outcomes Lifelong Learning Key Needs

Children read 1,000 books before kindergarten
Improved student academic achievement and prevention of “summer slide” for students.
School-age youth sustain an interest in reading and discovery into adulthood.
Adults lead happy, healthy lives and achieve financial stability.

Expanded in-house technology solutions that meet patron needs for learning and communication.
Connection to educational resources.
Out-of-School learning opportunities.
Mentoring opportunities for students.
Programming partners.
Keep up-to-date on new books and media.

Community Engagement
Patrons are shaped by their unique, lifelong learning experiences and bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the community.  Businesses and other organizations add to the vitality of the community.  The Library celebrates and nurtures this collective by serving as the intersection for engagement between all community stakeholders. 
Community Engagement Community Outcomes Community Engagement Key Needs

Consistent growth of residents interacting with the Library and with their neighbors.
Residents experience and enjoy their community.
Sustained growth in economic development.

Community conversations.
Networking and career mentoring opportunities.
Job skills and workforce development.
Volunteers opportunities.

Kansas History            & Genealogy
Baldwin City enjoys a rich heritage and the Kansas Room provides access points to a variety of materials telling the Baldwin City and Kansas story, including family histories.  The Library strives to preserve this record for residents, students, community visitors, and individuals from around the world.
Kansas History Community Outcomes Kansas History Key Needs

History comes alive for patrons and students.
Genealogy researchers gain a deeper understanding of their family history.
Increased awareness of the historical uniqueness of the Kansas Collection. 

Oral histories and the digital equipment necessary to record and store them.
Identification of subjects in photographs.
Exposure and programming for the collection.
Use of databases to promote historical resources.