Board of Trustees

Current Board Members

The Baldwin City Library Board of Trustees usually meets at 7 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at the library.

Board of Trustees minutes are updated periodically here or contact the library to view minutes: 785-594-3411.


Activity Room Usage Policy

The Baldwin City Library offers the Activity Room for the general public’s use.  The activity room seats 150 people.

To ensure proper usage and equal access, the following guidelines have been provided.

Meetings may be scheduled up to three months in advance. Exceptions require the approval of the Library Director and Board.

No more than two consecutive meetings may be scheduled at one time. Exceptions require the approval of the Library Director and Board.

On-site adult supervision is required during any scheduled usage of the Activity Room.

Library activities have precedence over other events.

The organization and a representative from the scheduled group are responsible for any damage to the building, furniture or equipment.

A pre-paid fee of $50.00 per 4 hour increment will be charged for any group serving refreshments.

A small kitchen is available for use. Serving coffee, tea or other light refreshments is allowed (with the $50 fee); however, no cooking or catered events are allowed.  The kitchen is to be cleaned after use.  Drinks or refreshments are to be provided by the organization, not the library.

Any special needs are to be listed in advance and an attempt will be made to accommodate them.

The room is to be left in an orderly manner after use. All trash must be properly disposed of and furniture returned to its original position.

The library has provided a checklist for closing procedures for the user’s convenience. The responsible party must complete this list which is in the envelope before leaving and return it in the envelope with the key.

No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed on the premises.

Please be mindful of others who are also using the library. Any loud noise will not be allowed.

1.13   The library is not responsible for items left on display.  All materials must be removed immediately following any scheduled event.

1.14   All hanging art work must be hung from the picture railing.  If the art objects cannot be hung directly from the railing, the sponsoring group must supply background material which can be hung from the railing.

1.15   The library reserves the right to refuse future use of the room by any group or organization which has previously violated these guidelines.

1.16   No materials are to be stored in the furnace rooms.

1.17   No solicitations or petitions are allowed outside of the Activity Room.

Closing Procedures

  • Return all furniture and equipment to original positions.
  • Unplug and return all appliances to original positions.
  • If the kitchen was used, clean up and leave as it was found.
  • Dispose of any garbage.
  • Check toilets and basins for running water. Please turn off if possible.  Otherwise, notify the Library Director of problem.
  • Turn off all indoor lights and fan.
  • Be sure both front doors are locked and closed securely. Both doors must be locked with the key. Place the key in the envelope and put it in the book drop when exiting the library.  Failure to return the key promptly will result in a $25.00 fine.