Welcome to Baldwin City

est. September 2018

705 Eighth Street

Lead Artists: Maggie Swanson, Becky Weaver

Artist Apprentice: Megan Jardon

The Welcome to Baldwin City mural displays the pattern of the city’s streets in gray and navy, with local flora and fauna featured at its center. Families of red foxes live throughout the community, and the fox also represents wisdom and the city’s essential connection with Baker University. The ox represents the community’s value of hard work and as well as its agricultural history.

Timeline & Construction: The Lumberyard Arts Center, Baldwin City Tourism Bureau Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce, Baldwin City Community Mural Committee partnered to plan and implement this $2,481.21 mural project. The co-artists- Maggie Swanson and Becky Weaver met with the Mural Committee and selected artist apprentice Megan Jardon in June 2018. This team reviewed the design and refined the mural implementation consisting of wall preparation, priming, projecting the design on the wall, a community painting day, final painting, touch up and sealing work. Mural painting took place throughout August with a community painting day on the third Friday Artwalk. Community members and members of the Baldwin High School Art Club participated. A ribbon cutting marked the project’s completion at the September 21, 2018 Artwalk.

Learn more about the Community Mural Program here.