Sullivan Square Mural Benches

Est. Fall 2020

  • Lucy’s Legacy by lead artist, Becky Weaver, and Vickie Weaver, Luke Weaver, Bronté Bailey-Batman, Sommer Brecheisen and Sunny Allen
  • Ecotones: Stability Through Change by lead artist, Christina Malicke , with Becki Dick, Sheena Parsons and Ruthie Rodden.
  • Lumberyard Arts Center by lead artist Kathy Bourgeois with Sandy Cardens, Roma Earles, Mindy Pendreigh and Sharron Spence.
  • Maple Leaf Festival by lead artist, Meg Cundiff with Barbara Pressgrove, Julie Constantinescu, Olivia Callahan, Melanie Callahan, Jillian Markway and Ellis Conover
  • Evolving Pathways by lead artist, Lisa Slavin with Ilene Kimsey, Donna Gratts, Sharon Vesecky and Frank, Cynthia, Annette, Isabel and Gabriel Perez.

Timeline & Details: The Lumberyard Arts Center, Baldwin City Library and the City of Baldwin City partnered to produce a free community arts class to create mural benches. Drawing on creative placemaking the goal was to contribute to a vibrant downtown public green space in our new public park, Sullivan Square. Working with a lead artist, class participants designed and created five benches inspired by local history. The first class was offered through the Baldwin City Library in February 2020, where participants learned about Baldwin City’s rich cultural heritage with local experts including a tour of the Palmyra Post Office and Old Castle Museum. Participants met for subsequent classes breaking into five teams, each with a lead artist. COVID-19 delayed the project’s unveiling date, but each team found alternative ways to work through the summer and fall 2020 to complete their projects.