Maple Seed Fountain

est. 2017

Lead Artist: Dave Loewenstein

Assistant Artist: Nicholas Ward

Artist Apprentices: Ellis Conover, Meagan Young, Alaina Shiffelbein

Maple Seed Fountain was created and painted with the help of 14 local artists and 667 citizens by Baldwin City’s Community Mural Program. Funding through the Baldwin City Facade and Mural Program, Douglas County Community Foundation, and community donations made this mural possible.

Learn more about the Community Mural Program here.

Description of Baldwin City Community Mural, 608 High Street

By the mural’s Community Mural Artist Apprentices: Ellis Conover, Meagan Young, Alaina Schiffelbein

This is the first community mural in Baldwin City. Through a community
visioning workshop and series of design meetings, members of the community gathered stories of our city’s past to create something new, fresh, and present-tense. Our community chose to represent the future through the ‘windows’ of Maple seeds, which is an important piece of our past.

Through these windows, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of our past, our present,
and our hopes for the future. To explain a few of the seeds, we took children’s drawings
and they created a bright and beautiful scene, filled with flowers, playgrounds, and the
sun. They were important to add because they are our hopes for the future.
Among other seeds, there are stories of Baldwin, one being the story of Signal
Oak. A tree overlooking the city of Lawrence, a tree used in the Underground Railroad,
letting slaves know that when the lantern is lit and hung, it is safe to continue their path. This lantern was a significant symbol of hope and one to remember.
We also have the Women’s Bridge, created by an all-women council in 1890. The
Women’s Bridge signifies the perseverance and strength these women had to create a
better community for Baldwin City. It’s important to note the time period where women
had essentially no day in the life of politics. These women were determined, dedicated,
and diligent. Another seed includes a train being pushed by artists/members of the community. The train is an important staple of Baldwin City. With the support of our
community, our ability to continue “chugging along” is a colorful and exciting journey.

At the center of the mural is a pair of Maple seed wings. This is an interactive part
of the mural where the viewer can stand and appear to have wings. Above the wings
stands the fountain, and from the fountain there are many seed-like insects also taking
flight. Fountains are places where people make wishes, and we all have different wishes
for Baldwin City. A mural is a place where we can come together and hear each other’s
ideas, and maybe look at things differently than we did before.