2020 All Ages Summer Program

All Summer Library Program reading ends at noon Saturday, July 18. Be sure and get your minutes recorded in readerzone.com by then!

Still need help? Here’s a video: Getting Started With Reader Zone or Getting Started with Reader Zone (YouTube) 

2020 Summer Library Program Raffle Prizes!

After you complete the first level of activities and reading, you can earn raffle tickets toward these fabulous prizes!

Raffle Prizes for PREREADERS and Younger READERS

Prize 1: Water Fun                                 Prize 2: Craft Time

Prize 3: Super Heroes                          Prize 4: Dinosaur Reading

Prize 5: Beekle Reading                      Prize 6: Frozen Fun

Raffle Prizes for Older READERS, TEENS and ADULTS

Prize 7: Dragons Galore!                     Prize 8: Harry Potter ACCIO!

Prize 9: Baldwin Basket

2020 Summer Library Program PREREADER BOOKS!

Little Bear’s Big Adventure




MVP Most Valuable Puppy
Friends Forever
The Book About Nothing
The Piggy in the Puddle




Please send an email to lbathke@baldwin.lib.ks.us or call us at (785) 594-3411 to let us know which book you’d like!

Week One: Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

If you’re missing StoryTime at the library, watch Miss Leigh Anne read The Gingerbread Girl here!

Week Two: Tales of Three (Pigs, Bears, Kittens and so on…)

Miss Leigh Anne will read The Three Ninja Pigs to you here!

Week Three: You Can Be Royal

Miss Leigh Anne will read Waking Beauty to you here!

Week Four: Heroes (Super or Otherwise)

Join Miss Leigh Anne for StoryTime here!  This week she is reading Even Super Heroes Have Bad Days.

Week Five: Myths, Legends and Folklore

Miss Leigh Anne will read Fables to you here!

Week Six: Living in Tomorrow’s History

Join Miss Leigh Anne for StoryTime! This week we have two books: The Undefeated and Let the Children March. Click here.

PREREADERS go here to download  your Week Six document! Or pick one up at your Baldwin City Library!

It’s BONUS Raffle Ticket Time!


Baldwin City needs a flag, and here’s where you come in!
WHAT: In the same way a mascot unites a team, a flag allows citizens to show pride and love for their hometown. Show off your love for Baldwin City and help us design a flag by the people and for the people!
WHEN: Submissions are open June 3rd, 2020-July 3rd, 2020. Voting rounds will begin in July and conclude in August with a final council vote after public input and voting.
SUBMIT: Keep your design simple. Use a 3×5 index card in order to design to scale. Use 2-3 high contrast colors and keep symbols simple and meaningful. Try not to use words or letters. Be unique, and reflect your own love of Baldwin City.
Pick up an entry form and index cards from City Hall, the Baldwin City Recreation Commission, Lumberyard Arts Center, or the Baldwin City Ks. Public Library.
Submit up to 3 designs per individual. You may submit to City Hall, Lumberyard Arts Center, Baldwin City Library, Baldwin City Recreation Commission, or via mail.

For more information, go here

When you’ve completed the task, fill out this form and let us know what raffle you want to enter!


We’re bringing your Baldwin City LIbrary’s TEEN AfterHours to you!
Here’s the ZOOM info:
Meeting ID: 858 1489 7429
Password: 963104
Join us on Friday. (Also, it’s part of our BONUS Raffle Ticket Program. Attend the event and get the chance to enter to win!)


Ready for a new adventure? This BONUS Raffle Ticket event involves the alphabet. Can you use signs around Baldwin City to spell your name? Take a photo of each letter, spell out your name and let us know. You can tag us at #baldwincitylibrary or #bclslp on social media. When you complete the task, don’t forget to fill out your raffle ticket form here 


It’s RAFFLE TICKET TIME! Follow the clues in our scavenger hunt to find all the fairies in downtown Baldwin City. Once you find them all, fill out a raffle ticket form for your chance to win fabulous prizes!

Here are your CLUES:


It’s BONUS Raffle Ticket Time! Figure your way out of our DIGITAL Escape Room by clicking here Fairy Tale Conundrum. Complete the challenge, escape the room and get yourself a FREE raffle ticket here.


BONUS Raffle Ticket Event! Join us for ZOOM Trivia at 5:30 p.m. this Friday!
Here’s the ZOOM info:
Password: 153557
Get your raffle ticket here after you attend the event!



BONUS Olympic Events
Accept the Olympic challenge! Earn a BONUS Raffle Ticket! Here’s the link.